Clarity, Value & Professionalism

As a first time home buyer, my real estate knowledge was very limited. What I knew at the time was based on the what my friends and family had told me.

I met Tiffany the first weekend I went out to open houses and soon there after, we decided to team up. From the very beginning, I really appreciated how Tiffany went about doing business. She explained all the steps in the home buying process. She made sure I had an understanding of all the important things to consider when buying a home. She provided clarity, value, and professionalism. She made the complicated home buying process simple and clear to me. Thus, alleviating the stress that comes with the process. I realized her value through her prompt follow-ups, negotiation skills, knowledge about the greater Los Angeles area, and network of professionals.

I strongly recommend Tiffany, especially for a first time home buyer. Because of Tiffany, I’m able to make one of my dreams a reality – living on my own and owning a home by age 25. I knew it was possible but my vision of how to get it done was not clear. With Tiffany’s help and guidance, I was able to check off one of my life’s goals with satisfaction.

— James Cerezo , Buyer