Comfortable & In-Control Throughout the Process

My wife already knew Tiffany before we started looking for a new house so it was natural to think of her as a possible agent, but after attending a little home-buying seminar she had, we were sold. Tiffany really impressed us with her knowledge and professionalism, but she was also approachable and understanding. We didn’t feel like we would be talked-down to or pushed in a direction we didn’t want to go, and I’m happy to say we were right! 

Tiffany and her assistant Heather made us feel comfortable and in-control throughout the search and buying process. They responded to all our questions quickly, and somehow made it on time to every appointment and meeting, despite having to brave the LA traffic to get to the SGV. They’re also great with using email and digital technology to help with communication, scheduling, and documents. Having less paper and driving to deal was a huge plus. 

Buying a home is probably nerve-racking and crazy for most people, but Tiffany and her team (even the inspectors) made it as painless and fun as possible. We’d be happy to recommend her to any of our friends in the area.

— Daniel & June Wang , Buyers