Exceptional Service: Our Dream Home Found!

Finding the house we're in now was quite the process for my wife and me. We had a tight budget and were very picky and specific in what we sought. I was afraid Tiffany and Rachel might eventually get annoyed with how picky we were (because we definitely looked at A LOT of great houses that, for one reason or another, we passed on), but alas, that never came close to happening. They were so patient, wonderful, and consistent with the energy they put into our search... It was incredibly impressive. I've never worked with people who were so genuinely supportive and hellbent on giving us what we sought. We've been in the house Tiffany and Rachel found for us for about three years now and could not be happier. We never want to move. And we owe all of our thanks to them. I cannot recommend The Tiffany Chin Group enough!

— Sean C., Buyer