Lovely People To Be Around

As first time home buyers, the whole process was very daunting. After checking out some open houses on our own, we found Tiffany and things started to make more sense. She narrowed down what we were looking for in a house right away, which helped us define for ourselves what our dream house looked like.

Tiffany was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process–from picking a house to living in it. She’d always be there to listen to our concerns and promptly answered any questions we may have had. She is also very detail oriented and has an extensive network of contacts which was very helpful when we started to put together offers and conduct inspections.

During the bidding process, she worked with us to strategize and put forward the most advantageous bids. We initially settled on a house in a different neighborhood and had our offer accepted. However, during the inspection process, we began to have doubts about living there and had several long conversations with Tiffany. She guided us through the thinking process and didn’t pressure us at all. We decided to not pursue the house and eventually found our dream home a couple months later.

In addition to being very qualified professionals, Tiffany and Rachel are lovely people to be around. They made the whole experience fun for us. There was never a dull moment–they crack us up!

Thank you Tiffany and Rachel for helping us find the house we didn’t even know we wanted. We look forward to working with the team again!

— Alice Wang , Buyer