Newlyweds in New Home

Tiffany Chin is awesome!

As newlyweds looking to buy a first home together, we came to Tiffany with a TON of questions. She took 2 hours in our first meeting before we even had hired her as our realtor just to educate us on the home-buying process.

We left feeling confident and excited about working with her, and started the process of finding our dream home. As luck would have it, the first home we worked on together fit exactly what we wanted, and we quickly moved into the offer process. With all of the usual twists and turns, Tiffany was there every step of the way to educate us, and give us all of the information we needed to make informed decisions, all while being careful to not interject her opinion or pressure us in any way. It made for a very calming experience during what could be a very stressful time.

Once our offer was accepted and we moved to the escrow period, and were always kept in the loop with Tiffany’s helpful attention. Emails, calls, and texts were always answered promptly and courteously, and she never grew tired of our endless first-timer questions.

If you had told me in our first meeting that we would have our home in 50 days, I would have never thought it was possible… but we did it with Tiffany’s help!

— John and Jen Laun , Buyers