Patient, Discerning, and Immensely Hardworking

Five years ago, Tiffany helped me buy my very first property -- a cute little condo near Hancock Park that, from the start, felt like home. She was patient and discerning, immensely hard working, and guided me through my first buying experience with the support of a trusted friend and skilled negotiator. So when I decided to sell my condo earlier this year, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to work again with Tiffany and her team. Tiffany walked me through my options and the pros and cons of selling -- and I was so grateful to have that conversation with someone who not only understood my emotional connection to the property, but was there from the beginning and had been a witness to it over the years. Once I made the difficult decision to sell, Tiffany and her team made things nearly effortless on my part. They were able to handle everything without me being physically present in Los Angeles, adeptly handled some pesky marketing challenges, put in a ton of extra effort to push us through escrow, and implemented a remarkable timeline that allowed us to close the sale less than 30 days after hitting the market. I was truly and entirely impressed, and it comes as no surprise to me that Tiffany is so respected and beloved by her clients and her peers. I would work with Tiffany again in a heartbeat. Thank you for everything, Tiffany Chin Group!

— Sarah Zarrabi, Seller