We Found Our Dream Home

Tiffany truly impressed my family and I with her professionalism and genuine passion for her work. We began our search without a clear idea of which neighborhood we wanted to purchase our first home in, so Tiffany was very patient and took the time to bring us on a tour of various neighborhoods that she felt might be a good fit. First, we explored Westwood/Century City, then moved East into the Miracle Mile and Hancock Park neighborhoods, and even spent one evening in Burbank! I couldn’t have been more grateful for her dedication and approachability as my realtor. We even went into escrow on a great single-family home in Century City, but when my family and I decided that the house might not work, what we loved most is that Tiffany was not upset at all. She was very understanding and assured us that we would find a house that was a better fit for us.

To be honest, I almost wanted to give up, but she urged me on and encouraged me not to give up, as we re-strategized. I was very touched and grateful, and this is the moment that I knew that she was not a salesperson by any means. She had proved herself to be a consultant, and we grew into true friends. A few months later, we found our dream home! The competition was incredibly fierce, and the sellers were already prepared to accept another offer. Without disappointment, Tiffany knew how much I loved the house, so she collaborated with the listing agent, figured out what we needed to go to get the home, and worked her magic. All within the same day, she packaged the offer and got me my acceptance! We closed escrow in 14 days. She is without a doubt, my realtor for life, and I’ve been recommending her to all my family and friends.

Thank you, Tiffany! You are a great friend and “partner in crime” in real estate.

— Linda Susanto , Buyer