Client Stories

Helpful From Beginning till the End

Thank you for your help finding us a home. We feel so proud to be homeowners, and are grateful for your role in our journey! Tiffany and Rachel helped us from the beginning of our home-buying journey till the end. We took a nice pause in the middle but sure gained some momentum in the end there, didn't we? We feel lucky to have gotten a goal in one shot and are loving our new family home.

— Amanda & Jared, Buyers

Amazing, Knowledgeable, and Awesome!

Tiffany and Rachel are amazing! They went above and beyond to help us buy our new home. We can't thank them enough for everything that they did throughout the long arduous process of house hunting, bidding, and closing. It took us months to find a place and they were very patient and helpful throughout. We worked mostly with Rachel and she met us all over the east side. We saw everything imaginable from major fixer uppers to move-in-ready turnkeys. She was honest in her assessment of the properties. She knew when to stay and when to run. We never felt pressured to put bids on anything. In fact, she really tried to match the homes to our needs. She has a good understanding of renovation and the costs associated with fixing up a home. When we finally got our house, Rachel offered a suggestion for the bid and she was right on. We got the house! I can't say enough good things about The Tiffany Chin Group. They were awesome! And I 100% recommend them.

— Eli S., Buyer

Supportive, Prompt, and Organized

We are so grateful to have met and worked with the Tiffany Chin Group. We met realtor, Rachel Bigio, at an open house and began working with her shortly after. From start to finish the entire team was supportive, prompt, and organized. As first-time homeowners, the process was entirely new to us and everyone on the team supported our inquiries with patience and understanding. The team was always available and relieved many of the anxieties that come with buying a home. We found our dream home and Rachel helped us negotiate our way into being owners! We are so thrilled and grateful to have had a team who supported us every step of the way!!

— Maggie and Drew, Buyers

An Escrow Process Hero

My husband and I are first-time homeowners all thanks to Rachel at The Tiffany Chin Group! We knew she was just the right person to find us our home from the very first phone conversation we had with her. She asked so many great questions and really took the time to get to know us. We knew the LA market is crazy so we thought we could only afford a condo, but Rachel opened our eyes and showed us houses that were within our budget and fit our style! Everything in real estate is such an emotional roller coaster so we're glad Rachel was by our side through everything. She was really great with keeping us informed on appointments for viewing homes, quick to answers texts/emails we sent her way and was honest and forthright every time - no games. She was our hero during the escrow process (I don't know how she does it!). She has guided us so nicely through it all. Rachel truly is a pro at what she does and we miss her already!

— Cristina H., Buyer

Simply the Best!

My wife and I recently bought our first home together and couldn't imagine going through the home buying process without Tiffany, Rachel and the rest of the team on our side. We started off with an introductory call where Tiffany and Rachel explained in great detail what the home buying process would look like and what steps we should take and when we should take them. We then went on to go to what seemed like a hundred open houses with them. For the first few months, the open houses had to be scheduled by Tiffany and Rachel (due to COVID) and they were always very on top of making sure the appointments fit our busy work schedules. After our offer was accepted, Tiffany and her team patiently guided us through the overwhelming inspections process - we were able to sit back confidently and knew we could trust their expertise. Despite seemingly having an infinite amount of questions throughout the process, they were always able to address things in a very quick, understanding and thorough manner. In this climate of crazy bidding wars and ever escalating housing prices, we can confidently say that we would not have gotten our dream house if it were not for Tiffany and her team. They are simply the best. We would definitely recommend The Tiffany Chin Group to anybody who is looking to buy a home.

— Richard H., Buyer

Immediately Felt Like In Good Hands

I met Tiffany chin at an open house directly across the street from my present home. Immediately felt like I was in good hands and there was no misperception of whom would be more genuine, helpful and understanding throughout the course of selling or the purchasing of your property. Any kind of question pertaining to the whole process, she is very eloquent with... Her answers detailed and does not hesitate to take the time to walk you through any one of your questions. I've dealt with realtors before and rest assure that with Tiffany Chin, no worries of any false advertising and will not lead you down the wrong path during the process of buying or selling of your home. Definitely a person that cares about what she does.

— Tony R., Buyer

Goes Above And Beyond!

There's quite a few things that makes up a great real estate agent... #1 Great communication #2 A non pushy attitude #3 Keeping cool under pressure #4 A stress-free home buying experience #5 Someone that actually listens to you Yep, Tiffany checks off all the boxes! This is exactly what I observed when working with Tiffany. She goes above and beyond to help her clients and I really got to see that firsthand. She's truly a pleasure to work with! These are things that you not only look for in a Realtor but also in a business partner. Heather, her assistant, is an excellent addition to the team. Always cheerful, a pleasure to talk with & she's working hard at keeping things moving along smoothly. Both of them just don't stop! I'm sure they have clients and business partners from all over, but I always enjoyed working with them. If you choose Tiffany and her team, you'll be in for a treat!

— Dan F., Partner Agent

Unparalleled Professionalism, Responsiveness and Knowledge

Tiffany and her team live up to their reputation. I am the type of person that is easily stressed by the nebulous process of home buying and I felt so thankful to have Tiff in my corner through the entire process. I particularly appreciated how tight of a ship Tiff and her team run. I felt like I was well prepared with what to expect out of the process, the deadlines we need to be watchful of, the items I had to take care of on my end in order to move the process forward. Home buying was a huge step in my life and I am happy I had such a stellar team advising me on the critical and sometimes not so critical items. I have worked with a few real estate agents in the past and Tiff's professionalism, responsiveness, and knowledge are unparalleled.

— Katya Ogai, Buyer

Fantastic Buyers Agent

Rachel was a fantastic buyers agent! She was so patient with us as we navigated this crazy market. She went above and beyond making sure we were staying informed on available options and was prompt at getting us into properties. Rachel is very professional and made the escrow process smooth. We are so grateful we had her on our side for our first home purchase and could not recommend her enough.

— Houston M, Buyer

Responsive, Detail-Oriented, Patient

Tiffany, Rachel and team were amazing and so professional throughout the home buying-process. I was referred to them through a friend and feel so fortunate to have been connected! This was the purchase of my first home, so there were lots of details and questions that they worked with me through. I appreciated their responsiveness, detail orientation, and that they were patient throughout the whole process. They also offered great and balanced advice, without being pushy and overly prescriptive. Also, not only were they great through the entire search and buying process, they have also been very responsive to some issues that have come up after purchase, including needed coordination with the seller's agents and more. Truly great partners through and through!

— Selina Chen, Buyer

Absolutely a Lifesaver!

Tiffany and her team are absolutely a lifesaver in this daunting house searching process - I'm a first-time buyer and had no idea how the buying process work. Tiffany and her team are incredibly communicative, patient, and on top of things. We had complete trust in the team, and it made everything so easy! After a year of searching, we finally closed on our dream home. Thank you, Tiffany, Vember, and Rachel, for making it happen!

— Julia Xu, Buyer

A Wealth of Knowledge and Professionalism

We feel so fortunate to have been referred to Rachel Bigio when we decided to move to the Los Angeles area. She is super responsive, detail oriented and most importantly the confident and calm agent we needed in this chaotic housing market. Even though we had purchased properties before in other states, we still relied on Rachel to explain every step in the process. She is a wealth of knowledge and very professional. We couldn't have asked for a better realtor!

— Deirdre + Elliot Moore, Buyers

An Excellent Communicator

Our experience with Tiffany and her team was absolutely amazing. We went through 3 escrows over 6 months until we finally closed on the sale of our rental properties. Throughout the process, Tiffany was an excellent communicator and kept us in the loop about everything. We are grateful for her guidance and suggestions along the way. We completely trusted her and would highly recommend her services.

— Dieter Schneider, Seller

Patient, Discerning, and Immensely Hardworking

Five years ago, Tiffany helped me buy my very first property -- a cute little condo near Hancock Park that, from the start, felt like home. She was patient and discerning, immensely hard working, and guided me through my first buying experience with the support of a trusted friend and skilled negotiator. So when I decided to sell my condo earlier this year, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to work again with Tiffany and her team. Tiffany walked me through my options and the pros and cons of selling -- and I was so grateful to have that conversation with someone who not only understood my emotional connection to the property, but was there from the beginning and had been a witness to it over the years. Once I made the difficult decision to sell, Tiffany and her team made things nearly effortless on my part. They were able to handle everything without me being physically present in Los Angeles, adeptly handled some pesky marketing challenges, put in a ton of extra effort to push us through escrow, and implemented a remarkable timeline that allowed us to close the sale less than 30 days after hitting the market. I was truly and entirely impressed, and it comes as no surprise to me that Tiffany is so respected and beloved by her clients and her peers. I would work with Tiffany again in a heartbeat. Thank you for everything, Tiffany Chin Group!

— Sarah Zarrabi, Seller

A Great Agent with Wonderful Team

Tiffany is a great agent. Also has a wonderful team. Kind always. A pleasure to talk to and do business with. This was an easy transaction. I would imagine most transactions with Tiffany would be easy. She just seems to enjoy what she does…and that makes it easy to enjoy the process with her.

— Adam Seid, Buyer Agent

Strategies and Empathy are on Full Display!

I cannot say enough good things about The Tiffany Chin Group! Tiffany, Rachel, and Co. helped my wife and I sell our condo and buy a new house and we were constantly impressed throughout the whole process. Their attention to detail, knowledge of the industry and the market, and their overall hand-holding abilities are second to none! On the selling side, the process started with an initial consultation where Tiffany came over and helped us find little tweaks we could make to our place to be able to get the highest selling price. They constantly kept us informed of where we were in "the process" of selling which made the whole experience a lot less stressful. Their attention to detail really came through on the selling side; high quality flyers, eye-catching and informative signage, and multiple open-houses all contributed to my family and I being able to get top dollar for our place. They helped us negotiate the best terms and price and I honestly don't think it could have gone any better! On the buying side (in a sellers market) their strategy and empathy were on full display! As you can imagine, it is much harder buying in a seller's market than it is to sell in a seller's market. Rachel really shined here, helping us swim in the shark-infested seller's waters, and somehow we were able to find and negotiate on a great place at a fair price. Patience and dedication are two words I would use to describe Rachel and there were many late night texts and emails that I have as proof. This review really doesn't illuminate all of the little things that The Tiffany Chin Group team did for us to optimize this process, but I have no doubt that using them to sell and buy made a big difference in the overall process for us. I highly recommend this team if you are considering buying or selling (or both)! You will not regret it!

— Matthew Crisafulli, Seller & Buyer

Approachable Real Estate Team

Highly recommended! If you're in need of an amazing and approachable real estate agent, look no further. We all know that home buying is an intimidating process and you need someone who can educate, support, and advocate for you throughout the buying process. That's what we got from Rachel and the Tiffany Chin Group. They really made sure that we were educated from the very beginning. They also listened and considered all our "needs" and "wants" in a house. They have a dedicated website that helps you view and sort all the available listings that meet your need. From there, it's just a matter of visiting the houses, or in our case, Rachel did a lot of the visits for us and then painstakingly recorded and sent those open house recordings to us (we weren't able to go to LA in some of the open houses). Rachel will definitely advocate for you. She will let you know if she thinks the house or unit is not up to par. So don't be afraid to ask questions and also advocate for yourself. We also used their preferred lender which made escrow fairly easy for us. Overall, we would highly recommend Rachel and the Tiffany Chin group. We are very satisfied with our find, moved in this week, and couldn't be happier. That's in part due to them! Look no further!!! Schedule your first meeting with them now.

— Anthony T, Buyer

Nothing But A Wonderful Home-Buying Experience

Oh, where do I begin... I've been working with Tiffany to find my first home for over three or four instances for several years now. And we finally did it together! It has been nothing but a wonderful experience working with Tiff and Rachel. They were always patient with going to see properties with me around different parts of LA county. Tiff and Rachel are always responsive and are always available to answer all my questions day and night, on weekdays and weekends (exactly what I need as a first-time home buyer, I got loads of questions). I never felt unheard of or ignored. Throughout this whole journey, they walked me through and help me with -discussing what I'm looking for, seeing properties, running sales and rental comps, writing offers and counteroffers, coordinating inspections, negotiating credits, and other post-close things. They've been such fantastic help and it's been such a joy working with them. I cannot say how thankful I was to have Tiff, Rachel, and their team to guide me through this!

— Joyce T., Buyer

My Welcome Crew in LA

I cannot say anything but wonderful things about working with the Tiffany Chin group to purchase my new condo! As a new arrival to the LA area, it was great to work with Rachel Bigio and the team, as they really were my welcome crew. Rachel is wonderful to work with and gave me the confidence to know when this was worth the plunge. We worked together through all the steps needed to procure my new home and I could not be happier! Thank you Rachel and team!!

— Madlyn M., Buyer

Absolutely Real Estate Pros

Rachel and Tiffany are absolute pros when it comes to real estate. From day one they have been incredibly informative, generous with their time, committed, accessible, organized, personable, and overall, very wonderful people to work with and have on your team when you're searching for a new home. As first-time homebuyers, we had so many questions and they were there every step of the way to support us. We never felt pressured or uncomfortable with our decisions and undoubtedly we could not have secured our first home (which we love!) without their guidance and perseverance to meet deadlines! We are grateful that our paths crossed and recommend them to all of our friends who are in search of a home or planning to sell their home. They are the best of the best, they will get you to a timely closing and you won't regret your decision to choose them as your real estate agents and support system in this crazy housing market! Thank you both so so much!!! xoxo

— Chrysanta and Chris, Buyers

Ranks at the Top of My Favorite

Tiffany's team was so on top of it! I represented the buyer of one of her listings, and she definitely ranks at the top of my favorite people to do a transaction with. The best to work with. Recommend her anytime!

— Sammy Lyon, Buyer Agent

Collaborative Approach and Accommodating!

I am a real estate broker who had the pleasure of working with Tiffany and her team on a penthouse purchase in Beverlywood for a dear client of mine. Tiffany and her team were accommodating to showing and inspection schedules, communicated well, and were pleasant to work with. I very much appreciated the collaborative approach Tiffany takes to working a transaction together!

— Tatiana W., Real Estate Broker

Fully Transparent and Always Available

After Tiffany represented me as a buyer for my first home purchase 6 years ago, it was a no-brainer to ask her to represent me as a seller. Having already moved out of my previous residence, Tiffany and her team were able to handle and supervise anything and everything from repairs to cleaning, staging, and more without me having to get directly involved. Despite the cooler market and higher interest rates, they were still able to help me sell my place at a reasonable price while being fully transparent and always available to answer any questions or concerns. All the time, hard work, and effort that they took for me did not go unnoticed and was much appreciated. I would highly recommend them once again whether buying or selling in the future.

— Matt T., Seller

Willing to Go Above and Beyond

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Rachel on our recent home purchase. While my wife had purchased a home before, it was my first time going through the process. Rachel struck the right balance of ensuring I understood what was going on as a newbie and providing detail valuable to my wife given her experience. Rachel was incredibly accommodating during our search. Our search took us through LA down to Long Beach and Rachel was more than willing to make the trek from the valley for the multiple showings we had in LB. We lived 300 miles away and Rachel always made sure to schedule multiple showings when we were in town. She even visited properties when we weren't there for us, taking videos of the property for us to help us get a sense of things. When a house didn't feel right, Rachel was the first to tell us if something looked off and steered us away from places that we were iffy on based on her real estate knowledge. Once we found the right place for us, Rachel and the rest of the Tiffany Chin group gave us advice to guide our offer and help us navigate the escrow period. We had an aggressive 21 day close and Rachel was able to negotiate a substantial seller credit for repairs. Since we did not live in the area, Rachel also did the final walk through for us and even left the keys in a lock box for us at the house to make our move down easier. Overall, we would highly recommend Rachel and the Tiffany Chin group. Rachel was kind, patient, and willing to go above and beyond for us to make sure we found the perfect home. Highly recommend!

— Justin P., Buyer

The Tiffany Chin Group Partnership: Single Best Decision!

When purchasing my first home, I was seeking a realtor I could TRUST who would prioritize my best interests and educate me throughout the process ~ partnering with the Tiffany Chin Group was the single best decision! Rachel Bigio worked tirelessly on my search and leveraged her wealth of expertise to guide my investment strategy, and patiently answered all of my many questions. My mortgage lender was equally impressed with Rachel’s commitment to excellence and her diligence throughout the process. I don‘t know how I would have navigated the many complexities and challenges of home buying without her support. I have since recommended the Tiffany Chin Group (and specifically Rachel Bigio) to anyone who is looking to buy or sell real estate ~ she will ensure that you get the greatest return on your investment. I will 100% return to Rachel when selling my home down the road!

— Vidya Bala, Buyer

Patient, Dedicated, Supportive

Thank you, Tiffany, Rachel, and the team! What a journey selling our condo and buying a house even in this "slower" LA market! We so appreciated your patience, dedication, and support, and will be referring you to our friends!

— May c., Buyer

Exceptional Service: Our Dream Home Found!

Finding the house we're in now was quite the process for my wife and me. We had a tight budget and were very picky and specific in what we sought. I was afraid Tiffany and Rachel might eventually get annoyed with how picky we were (because we definitely looked at A LOT of great houses that, for one reason or another, we passed on), but alas, that never came close to happening. They were so patient, wonderful, and consistent with the energy they put into our search... It was incredibly impressive. I've never worked with people who were so genuinely supportive and hellbent on giving us what we sought. We've been in the house Tiffany and Rachel found for us for about three years now and could not be happier. We never want to move. And we owe all of our thanks to them. I cannot recommend The Tiffany Chin Group enough!

— Sean C., Buyer

Fits the Bill Perfectly

We just closed on our first house with Rachel Bigio and the Tiffany Chin Group, and cannot recommend them highly enough. If you're in the market look no further, this is it folks! As first time home buyers, we were way in over our heads when we began our search almost two years ago, especially in this tumultuous market. Rachel walked us through the pre-approval process, got us set up with a great lender, and was extremely patient as we looked at so, so many houses. She always made herself available to us to answer questions, pull comps, and drive out for viewings, and we're still hitting her up for advice even after we've moved in. It's been quite a journey but we can safely say we finally closed on the perfect house for us, and Rachel and co were absolutely instrumental in getting that done. If you're looking to buy a house it's so important to find someone you trust and you feel like has your back, and Rachel fits the bill perfectly. Thank you Rachel and whole team for all your help!!

— Dan S., Buyer

Impeccable Service and Trusted Advisor

Do you want impeccable service, a trusted advisor in all things real estate with a stellar team? That's what you will get working with the Tiffany Chin Group. I have done 2 deals with Tiff (buy and sell), the latest sale I had to be out of the country for most of the deal. The team handled it perfectly, I am seriously amazed with how smooth Tiff and her team made this process for me, handling all of the needing items with care and timeliness behind the scenes. 100/10 recommend these awesome folks to anyone looking to make a purchase or sell their home. I always feel like they have my best interest in mind, providing very sound professional advice.

— Katya O., Seller

Very Responsible, Responsive and Great Advisor

Rachel Bigio helped us find our home in Santa Monica and she was excellent! She was very responsive, organized and had great advice. She was also very patient and would come to every viewing even though it's far for her. She was supportive and strategic when we were entering into offers, throughout closing and even after for when we are doing renovations. She went above and beyond and we would definitely recommend her to others. They also definitely worked as a great team - Tiffany and Beatrice were both there to step in when Rachel was away or couldn't make any viewing (which were few)!

— Win D., Buyer

A Joy Working With The Tiffany Chin Group

Bravo to the Tiffany Chin Group who did an outstanding job on our recent deal in Valley Village, CA! I love working with amazing/professional/kind agents (Rachel and Tiffany) who went out of their way to make a transaction/escrow as smooth as possible. Such a joy working with your team! You will go to the top of the list for any deals in the future!!

— Scott N., Buyer Agent